The Only Water Ionizer Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Posted by: Rhona Reid On June 13, 2017 7:00 am

  Great – you’ve decided to jump in and make the best possible decision for your health and family.  You’re going to buy a water ionizer!  So, where to start?  As ever, we’re here to help. Couple choosing a Tyent water ionizerChoosing a Tyent Ionizer is a great decision! What to Consider Before You Buy  Hydrogen. You need to find a water ionizer that naturally [...]
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Water Ionizers and Medication

Posted by: William Poole On February 27, 2016 9:00 am

  “Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?” ~ As You Like It, 4.1 The Bard of Avon would've loved alkaline water.The Bard of Avon would’ve loved alkaline water. Shakespeare wondered if it was possible and now the idiom “too much of a good thing” has taken a universal meaning. We are left to wonder, can too much of a good thing become [...]
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Tyent Water Ionizers vs Reverse Osmosis Part 2 (Version 2)

Posted by: acray On January 27, 2015 6:19 pm

            How Tyent Alkaline Water Stacks Up Against Reverse Osmosis  By Alan Ray             YESTERDAY WE LOOKED AT THE WAY IN WHICH the process of Reverse Osmosis works to purify water.  In case you are one of the 6 billion people who didn’t read yesterday’s blog,…
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What is a Water Ionizer? (New + Improved)

Posted by: acray On November 13, 2014 7:17 pm

       Questions About Alkaline Water From Around the World   By Alan Ray     Live-from the Mail Room just beneath the basement of The Tyent Alkaline Water Company, it’s Mail Call time!   It is somewhat amazing the number of people from all over the world who are contacting Tyent each day wanting…
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Everything You Need to Know About Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer (New + Improved)

Posted by: acray On November 7, 2014 6:46 pm

      The Tyent Alkaline Water Company Buyer’s Guide By Alan Ray          Welcome to the Tyent Alkaline Water Company’s Buyer’s Guide.  Are you ready to take the tour?   When we travel to an unfamiliar place it is nice to have someone there to show us around.  A guide you can…
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The Tyent Water Ionizer Company’s 3 Steps To Improved Energy

Posted by: acray On October 2, 2014 6:18 pm

      3 Ways Ionized Alkaline Water Can Relieve Tiredness     Tiredness n.  The temporary loss of strength and energy.  Weariness, fatigue.   How often we can all relate to that definition of tiredness these days.  It seems more and more we need more and more energy.  The daily grind of just living…
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Tyent USA And Clean Water In The World

Posted by: acray On September 17, 2014 5:49 pm

                                  On the Hunt for Clean Water     Following yesterday’s blog I received some positive feedback from people who were aghast at the degree of filth some of those bodies of water contained.  I also was asked this same…
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Tyent’s Ionized Alakaline Water Sets a New Standard For Purity

Posted by: acray On September 2, 2014 4:16 pm

                                           Pure Water, the Clear Choice          I was traveling last week and while passing through this little town I stopped at a country-cooking restaurant for something to eat.  There were some cars…
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Posted by: acray On August 25, 2014 3:42 pm

                                   The Never Ending Cycle of Water         The Question   Were you aware there is about the same amount of water on the Earth today as there was millions of years ago?  It’s hard to…
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Tyent USA Looks at Hydroelectricity

Posted by: acray On August 20, 2014 4:10 pm

                                                                           Water at Work in the World     Water plays a crucial role in the development of any nation,…
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