Do I Need a Whole House Water Ionizer?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 22, 2016 12:00 pm

  Do you know about whole house filters?   It’s exactly what it sounds like: a filter system is fitted to your entire water supply before being routed to where it is needed – taps, showers, appliances and so on.  Knowing how many scary stories are appearing in the media about the state of America’s water, filtering all of the water coming into your house can make great sense. Drawing of house on blackboardRead More

Are Water Ionizers Expensive?  

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 20, 2016 7:00 am

  You may have read the reviews, spoken with people who already have an ionizer, or perhaps even tried alkaline water for yourself at the gym or somewhere else.  So you’re impressed, and you’d love to be able to drink ionized water whenever you like, but the cost rules it out, right? Actually, what I’m about to share may pleasantly surprise you! So, read on… You know you want one, but what’s the bottom line on the cost? Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Water Ionizer!

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 15, 2016 12:00 pm

  Life is busy, and somehow, September even more so.   We’re all looking to save time where we can.  You might really want to learn as much as possible about water ionizers, your heath and how the two work together, but there’s a lot of information out there. How we feel when we find a time-saving ‘Top Reasons’ list. How we feel when we find a time-saving “Top Reasons” [...]
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The Three Best Tyent Ionizer Videos on Youtube!

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 13, 2016 7:00 am

  What have you been watching on Youtube lately?  Anything good?  Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for your viewing pleasure that will not only entertain you, but hopefully also give you a few useful and informative tips about ionizers and alkaline water, and the amazing things they can do for you and your home! Have you watched a Tyent video lately?Have you watched a Tyent video [...]
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Tyent’s Free Water Reports: How Safe is Your Water?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 8, 2016 12:00 pm

  Following on from our own reports into the deepening crisis surrounding America’s water supply, comes a sobering and informative article from the Scientific American.   The author, Robert Glennon, is Regents’ Professor at the University of Arizona.   Cost to fix this?  Nearly $1 trillion.Cost to fix this?  Nearly $1 trillion. Prophecy in the Water Glennon also authored a book, “Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What To Do [...]
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Eat and Drink Like an Olympian?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 6, 2016 7:00 am

  The medals are home, the punishing training schedules slightly relaxed, and we can all start picking over the details of what was a pretty exhilarating Olympic Games in Rio. We have to hold the flag this high so that Michael Phelps doesn’t eat it.We have to hold the flag this high so that Michael Phelps doesn’t eat it. There were some was truly exceptional moments; including anytime [...]
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Sorry Soda.  It’s Not You.  It’s Us. 

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 1, 2016 12:00 pm

  On the 2nd August, published a report stating that bottled water is poised to outstrip soda sales, a new phenomenon which industry experts believe owes as much to the highly publicized water crisis which began (publicly at any rate) in Flint, MI., as it does to any real sea change in our health habits. Sorry soda.  It’s all over between us.Sorry soda.  It’s all over [...]
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Have You Got a Tyent Ionizer in Your Dream House?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On August 31, 2016 7:00 am

  You’ve won the lottery, inherited an oil field or just accidentally stumbled upon how to turn straw into gold.  However you came by your imaginary riches, you have dollars to burn and what does every newly-minted billionaire do, but acquire the most amazing house that money can buy? Has anyone ever actually done the whole Has anyone ever actually [...]
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Which Famous Athletes Drink Ionized Alkaline Water?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On August 31, 2016 1:08 am

  The eyes of the world were on Rio as the greatest athletes and sportspeople on the planet competed for gold.  To reach that level of competition requires single-minded dedication and sacrifice.  World-class athletes are incredibly body conscious, and are usually pretty clued up when it comes to what they should eat and drink. Tyent water helps athletes go that extra mile.Tyent water helps athletes go that [...]
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Just What Else is in America’s Water? Another Horror Story Hits the Headlines

Posted by: Rhona Reid On August 23, 2016 7:00 am

  With the news that the federal state of emergency in Flint, Michigan had ended, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the horror stories about America’s water had started to abate. America’s Water Crisis Just Got Worse.America’s Water Crisis Just Got Worse. 6 Million Americans at Risk However, just a few short days before the government started to shut up shop in Flint, a report was published [...]
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